Pickled Asparagus, Pickled Garlic, the world's only Bloody Mary Drink Mix with a pickled asparagus spear inside, Gourmet Condiments, Gourmet Mustards and Dressings is what you will find here. Since 1981 we have maintained the highest quality gourmet food products available.

Yellow Mustard "Yellow Jack"

Our Yellow Jack Gourmet Mustard will give you the experience of that “Rich & Robust” flavor you just don't get with other yellow mustards. Use it on your grilled hot dog,  your sausage & biscuit, add to potato salad or deviled eggs. It's our best all around mustard and be used on everything. 1/2 oz serving: 0 Sodium. 10 oz jar 

Chipotle Mustard "Rojo’s Ruckus “

This southwest flavored Chipotle Mustard "Rojo's Ruckus" is expertly blended with premium Chipotle Pepper, Cracked Mustard Seed, Garlic and Secret Spices mingled together for a true taste of the Southwest. Not as hot as Blazin Chile but still keeps that good Chipotle Mustard flavor for those who don't like all that heat.  1/2 oz serving: 0 Sodium. 10 oz jar   

Chili Pepper Mustard "Blazin’ Chili"

If you like HOT, HOT, HOT! This Chili Pepper Mustard "Blazin Chili" is for you! Stoked up the fire with those fiery hot Chili Peppers that you crave!! Great on beef sandwiches or over a nacho dish. ½ oz serving: 0 Sodium. 10 oz jar 

Italian Garlic "Lonesome Vaccaro's"

Mama Mia!! You've tasted our Pickled Garlic, now our NEW  Lonesome Vaccaro's Italian Pickled Garlic is even better! We took our own pickled garlic and packed it in Premium Grade soybean oil and added over a dozen fresh herbs & spices. 12 oz jar Regular Price $ 10.99 A SAVINGS OF $ 2.00

Chili Seasoning Mix

Our spicy southwest Chili Mix is a Winner of 6 Chili Cook-Offs!! Impress your family and guests with your culinary skills at Chili makin' by using Ben Jack's fool proof southwest spicy Chuckwagon Chili Mix. Combined with Ben's famous Bloody Mary Mix, this authentic western blend of chilies, herbs and spices will guarantee an evening of pure eating pleasure and rave reviews for the cook. This southwest spicy Chili Mix will make you 2 1/2 pounds of Chili. 1/10 oz serving: 0 Sodium. 4 oz package 


L. Scott - 1st Place, Des Moines, IA, ... Pam Henry - “Norman Regional Chili Cook Off" Norman, OK.... Jay Lane - “Tulsa Firefighters Chili Cook Off” Tulsa, OK, ... Paul Morris - “Whole Hawg Days” Eufaula, OK....

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Jalapeno Mustard "Smokin Gun"

 "Smokin' Gun" Jalapeno Gourmet Mustard is made from freshly ground jalapenos and mixed with our special blend of spices to give the true southwest Jalapeno Mustard flavor. Try it on your deli sandwiches to add an extra taste bud delight. ½ oz serving: 15 mg Sodium 10 oz jar Regular Price $ 6.99  

Asparagus Pepper Jelly

This pepper jelly is fat free & cholesterol free. It is blended with white wine to give it that tangy, tingling, spicy, sweet, unique old west flavor jelly. For parties, pour over a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers. Seal up a spoonful of cream cheese and pepper jelly between two crescent rolls and brush with egg whites for a delicious pastry treat.

Don’t forget to check out our Monthly Specials page for extra savings on all Ben Jack Larado Gourmet Food items!

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