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Pickled Asparagus "Hot & Spicy"

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Our "Hot & Spicy" Gourmet Pickled Asparagus is packed with more spices and is much hotter to the taste than our Original Pickled Asparagus. This is a must have for the hot lover! The Hot & Spicy Pickled Asparagus is a  6 inch tender yet crispy spear is great in salads or as a garnish to any meal. Comes in a16 oz jar 

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Pickled Asparagus "Mild "

 Our Mild "Original Recipe" Gourmet Pickled Asparagus spear has a 6 inch tender, crispy pickled asparagus spear packed in our own special flavored brine that leaves your tastebuds wanting more. One of our most requested gourmet food products! ELOQUENT! This Gourmet Pickled Asparagus spear makes a great addition to all your meals or salads and comes in a 16 oz jar.