Pickled Asparagus, Pickled Garlic, the world's only Bloody Mary Drink Mix with a pickled asparagus spear inside, Gourmet Condiments, Gourmet Mustards and Dressings is what you will find here. Since 1981 we have maintained the highest quality gourmet food products available.

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Comments From Our Customers

On a recent trip to the Midwest, my wife picked up a jar of your Oriental Fire and Lace Mustard.  She loves it.  I love it. Heck, even the dog loves it.

R.J. Clearwater, FL


I had the wonderful experience of enjoying your Balsamic Oil of 
Garlic vinegar dressing.  The Balsamic Oil has a delightful taste and the added pickled asparagus spear is a nice addition.

Here's the problem.  With three of us eating out of the same jar we have more stress than the normal household needs.  We have reached the point of rationing.

B.V.   Williamson, NY


I just today received my order of your Chili mix and am overwhelmed by the excellence of your customer service. There was a problem with my first order due to web site changes and my inability to get on your web site on 9/30 to place my order, which was later placed on 10/1. But you folks came through via contacting me by phone and advising me of your Christmas special, not to mention the true kindness you showed by including, at no charge, a copy of your "Ben Jack Larado's 165 Year Collection of Recipes." That book is to be cherished. To say I was flabbergasted is an understatement. I didn't know that level of concern for customer satisfaction still existed in America today. But then again I should have considering my Momma was born and raised in Oklahoma and my roots there go back a long ways (traceable to the 1893 land rush). I spent many a summer working on my Grandfather's Caddo County farm, just outside of Cogar (Momma moved out to California after the war, which is where I was born but we went back to her home each summer). Thank God I moved out of the weird state of California 32 years ago or I probably wouldn't be sane at all!
It is based on Sharon's recommendation when I talked to her on the phone that I am trying the Bloody Mary Mix, well that and an enthusiastic recommendation by a friend that lives in OKC.

You have a customer for life.

D. B. Boise, ID



We have just devoured the last of the six jars of Pickled Garlic that we purchased from you.  We purchased them as gifts but after opening the first jar, we were unable to give them away!  We have also addicted our two adjoining neighbors.

C.A. Winter Park, FL



I am enjoying your Hot and Spicy Pickled Asparagus immensely!  It is not like any asparagus I have ever had.  Keep up the good work!

B.K.  McAllen, TX

A short time ago I came across a bottle of your Bloody Mary Mix.  I was quite impressed to find a mix I didn't have to add anything to. 

J.S.  Watchung, NJ


Some time ago, a friend gave us a gift basket.  Included in the basket was a jar of your Hickory Canyon Smoky Jalapeno Mustard.  It is truly unique and delicious.

M.S. Beresford, SD


I had the pleasure the other day of trying your Bloody Mary Mix.  Being the connoisseur that I am, I was quite please with your product!  In fact, I was at a party and introduced the mix to my friends and they to were impressed!

J.K. Aptos, CA

Last November I purchased two jars of your Oriental Fire and Lace Mustard.  The first jar was emptied within two days so I hid the other jar until I had no choice but to open it and share with our friends.

D.M.  Hattiesburg, MI


My husband bought me some of your famous Smokin' Gun Jalapeno Mustard.  I must tell you it is the best I have ever tasted.

L.S.  Fargo, ND



We recently purchased some of your Pickled Garlic. It was so crisp and delicious, we ate it like candy. Now we are trying Smokin' Gun Jalapeno Mustard and Goldstone Garlic Mustard.
 P.S. Dothan, AL
 I just finished my lunch. Fried chicken wings with your Oriental Fire and Lace Mustard. It was absolutely heavenly!
 M.B. Key Largo, FL


I had the wonderful experience of enjoying your Balsamic Oil of 
Garlic vinegar dressing.  The Balsamic Oil has a delightful taste and the added pickled asparagus spear is a nice addition.

T.F.  Katy, TX


I recently bought a jar of your Oriental Fire and Lace Mustard.  I'm not only fond of it but am obsessed with its fantastic flavor and consistency.  Now I'm not sure I can function without it.  It makes my day by adding flavor to otherwise dull meals.

M.S. Champaign, IL



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