Pickled Asparagus, Pickled Garlic, the world's only Bloody Mary Drink Mix with a pickled asparagus spear inside, Gourmet Condiments, Gourmet Mustards and Dressings is what you will find here. Since 1981 we have maintained the highest quality gourmet food products available.

Bloody Mary Mix 750ml


If you have never tried our world famous Bloody Mary mix you are in for a pleasant surprise. Our spicy Bloody Mary Mix is the only one in the world with an exquisite, edible, Pickled Asparagus Spear in each bottle. It's our trademark! This spicy Bloody Mary Mix will tweak your tastebuds with it's secret blend of over 34 different spices, herbs and vegetables. Want a change to your meals, well add our Bloody Mary Mix to any recipe that calls for tomato sauce and tweak your taste buds with that spicy flavor.    (See Below For Case Orders)

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Bloody Mary Mix ---- 5 oz. Singles

Try our 5 oz single spicy Bloody Mary mix with a pickled asparagus spear in each bottle for those mixed drinks. To make the World's Best Bloody Mary do the following: In an 8 oz. glass, pour 1 or 2 shots of your favorite vodka or gin and add a 5 oz. single bottle of Ben Jack Larado's Bloody Mary Mix. Notice the crisp & delicious Pickled Asparagus Spear as it slips neatly into your drink. Add ice cubes and swizzle with the asparagus spear and then sit back, kick off your boots and enjoy the most ultimate gourmet Bloody Mary drink in the world. 

 (See Below For Case Orders)


Bloody Mary Mix ------6 Pack Wagon

Need a cute & delicious gift for that birthday, housewarming or just to say thinking of you gift? How about a tail gate party! Take a 6 pack of Ben Jack Larado's Bloody Mary Mix. Each bottle has its own Pickled Asparagus Swizzle Stick. For all you cowgirls and cowboys that love red beer, draw one of Ben Jack Larado's chilled Bloody Mary mixes from the Covered Wagon 6 pack. Shake well and pour 5 oz. in an ice-cold beer mug then top it off with your favorite cold beer and swizzle. 

Bloody Mary Mix -----12 - 5 oz Singles

Try our cases of 12 - 5oz Single Servings of our World Famous Bloody Mary Mix with an asparagus spear in each bottle. Use as a mixed drink or drink hot or cold for some added zest to your day!  Freight $ 16.75 per case

Bloody Mary Mix 750ml ( case )

Our Bloody Mary mix is the only one in the world with an exquisite, edible Pickled Asparagus spear in each bottle. Your tastebuds will be tweaked by the secret blend of over 34 different spices, herbs and vegetables. Make your favorite mixed drink or drink it straight, hot or cold. You can even use it in place of tomato sauce in your favorite meals for added flavor!   Freight $ 31.75 per case