Smokey Jalapeno Mustard "Hickory Canyon"
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Gourmet Mustard


Kindle a flame in all your hungry cowpokes.  This robust union of hickory and jalapeno brings new vigor to BBQ'ed pork and beef ribs.  Baste steaks or chops while grilling to satisfy BIG appetites.  Add to your hamburger meat and get that smoky flavor even if you cook them inside the house.   A must have gourmet mustard for your next cookout or tailgate party.

Ben Jack’s Barbequed Meatballs

1 lb. ground beef                 

1/8 tsp. black pepper              1 tsp. salt

2/3 cup milk                              3/4 cup oats

2 tbsp. catsup                            2 tbsp. white vinegar

2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

4 tbsp. Ben Jack Larado’s Hickory Canyon Gourmet Mustard

Combine first five ingredients in bowl; mix well. Shape into a dozen meatballs. Brown on all sides in oil-lined skillet. Drain. Place meatballs in casserole. Combine remaining ingredients in bowl;  mix well. Pour sauce over top of meatballs, cover. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes.

Sagebrush Marinade

2/3 cup soy sauce                2 tbsp. lemon juice

2 tbsp. lime juice                 2 tbsp. brown sugar

2 tsp. coriander                         1 tsp. cumin

2 tsp. black pepper              1 tsp. sherry

1 tbsp. Ben Jack Larado’s Hickory Canyon Gourmet Mustard

Place all ingredients in a small bowl and stir until sugar is dissolved.

Great to use on pork, chicken and beef. Especially good for shish kebabs.

Something Special Stew

2 lbs. beef cubes                            1/2 cup apple jelly

2 tbsp. olive oil                                      8 carrots, cut in 1” pieces

1 cup water                                           8 small onions

3 bottles Ben Jack Larado’s Bloody Mary Mix

2 tbsp. Ben Jack Larado’s Hickory Canyon Gourmet Mustard

Hot cooked noodles

Brown meat in oil. Add water, Bloody Mary Mix, jelly and gourmet mustard. Cover and simmer one hour. Add vegetables and cook another 30 minutes or until meat and vegetables are tender. Thicken sauce, if desired. Serve over hot noodles.